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5th grade students:  Recommended Supplies


Wondering what your instrument should look like?

Check out the Instrument Guide

(Clarinets should be black, flutes should be silver, and trumpets, saxes, and trombones should be either silver or gold color.)


 Local Music Stores

Wouldn't you prefer to have a human being you can interact with when you have questions about your instrument?


Alta Loma Music and Arts (RC)

Rental Flyer


Bertrands Music (San Bernardino)

Rental Flyer


Gard's Music (Rancho Cucamonga)

Rental Flyer


Hi Line Music (Rancho Cucamonga)


Nick Rail Music (Redlands)

Rental Flyer


Sam Ash Music (Ontario Mills) call 484-3550



Online, affordable rentals:

Taylor Music (South Dakota)

This is also a great resource for quality used instruments


Online Music Stores

This is a good way to save money on oboe and bassoon reed purchases.  For oboe/bassoon, I recommend Marlin Lesher reeds (or Jones).

Frederich Weiner

RDG Woodwinds



Purchasing an Instrument

Mr. Peske recommends that students rent an instrument before purchasing a new instrument.  When you are ready to purchase an instrument, be sure to purchase a good quality instrument that will be dependable and long lasting.  Click on the link above for more information about purchasing an instrument.


Instrument Care

The following recommendations for instrument care are designed to protect the investment made in the instrument used by your student. 

Instruments are stored in the band room during the school day.  They should be dropped off by the student in the morning and picked up every day after school.

Every instrument case should be clearly labeled with the student’s name as well as either a home phone number or “Summit Intermediate School” in case the instrument is misplaced.

Music should never be stored in the case.  It will damage the instrument.

Reed instruments should keep 3-5 working reeds in their case at all times, as well as a swab and cork grease.   Instruments should be swabbed out after every use to protect the pads.  The reed should be taken off the mouthpiece and placed in a protective case so that it does not grow mildew or get damaged.  Corks should be greased regularly so that they do not rip apart.  Saxophones need to put the endcap into the body of their instrument so that the octave bridge key does not get bent or broken. 

Flutes should keep a cleaning cloth and cleaning rod in their case.  Flutes need to be cleaned out after each use to protect the pads.  A polishing cloth for the outer body of the instrument is optional.

Brass instruments should keep tuning slide grease, valve or slide oil, and a cleaning cloth in their case.  The cleaning cloth is for wiping off dirty valves and slides and should be separate from a cloth you might want to use for polishing.    Valves should be cleaned and oiled at home or before school so that class time is not wasted.  Valves should be oiled every few days.  Tuning slides should be cleaned and greased every 1-2 weeks so that they don’t get stuck. About once every 6 months, brass instruments should be thoroughly cleaned.  See Mr. Peske for instructions on how to do this without damaging your instrument.  A polishing cloth for the outer body of the instrument is optional.

Percussionists need to treat all percussion instruments with respect. The school has invested thousands of dollars in percussion equipment.  Mallets and all other equipment should never be treated as a toy or misused in any way.  Never touch the fuzzy end of a mallet because this will make it wear out faster.  Unless instructed otherwise by Mr. Peske, Only percussionists are allowed to play the percussion instruments.

Recommended Accessories

Each the following items are available for less than $30.  This optional list is in priority order.  You might want to consult this list when looking for gifts for your student.

1.      Folding Music stand: helps student practice with good posture.

2.      Books of sheet music, especially those with play-along cds: give students the ability to choose music they would enjoy.

3.      Metronome: helps student develop consistent pulse and rhythm.

4.      Tuner: helps student improve intonation.

5.    Recommended apps (including a tuner app) are found on the Practice Tips page. 

In addition, private lessons are always a way that students can improve on their instrument. Mr. Peske can refer you to a local private teacher.